Our clients (our philosophy is customer for life) can go through all of the educational resources and information available to procure vast knowledge about the various pest control and extermination issues that exists. We also expedite our varied services for different types of pests.

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Bed Bug Exterminators provides several pest control services for commercial and residential structures in New York City.


Our bed bug exterminators are extremely efficient at Pest Control and Extermination. You do not need to go for ineffective pest control products, just make a schedule for our caring and professional pest control services and then our exterminator will do everything for you.

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American Cockroaches!

American Cockroaches are also known as a "water bug" or "palmetto bug". The American roach is reddish-brown, about 1.5 inches long or longer, winged, but seldom fly. American Cockroaches prefer decaying organic matter, but being scavengers will eat anything. Sweets are attractive to the American roach. They also will feed on starchy items like book bindings, and the back of wall paper.

Habits and Biology of American    Cockroaches!

Females produce many egg capsules, having 14-16 eggs hatching in 50-55 days into grayish-brown "nymphs". As the American cockroaches mature they become more reddish-brown in appearance. Adults and nymphs can be found in a variety of places. In the North,they are commonly found in steam heat tunnels or in large institutional buildings.They more commonly congregate in open spaces instead of small crack and crevices.When indoors,they can be located in dark,moist areas like basements and crawl spaces.Other likely areas indoors would be around bathtubs, floor drains,and sewers. Outside the American roach can be found in moist, shady areas like:yards, hollow trees, woodpiles,and mulch. At times they can be found under roof shingles or attics. Usually they will live outside,but will wander inside in search for food and water or during extremes in weather conditions.

Recommendations for American    Cockoach Control!
Remove food and moisture sources (i.e., roof leaks, food spills).
Keep floor drains filled with water or cover drain openings with fine mesh screen.
Seal cracks greater than 1/4 inch in floors, walls and ceilings with a sealant.
Fill window and door frame gaps and utility openings with a sealant.
Keep shrubs, vines and tree limbs trimmed away from the structure.
Mulch should be less than 3 inches deep; gravel perimeters are best.
Remove garbage daily and store containers outside.
Remove leaf litter and yard wastes from foundation.
Don't stack lumber, firewood, bricks or other debris next to foundation.

Bed Bug Calculatora new feature called Electronic Pest Control Calculator.You have to enter pest related information into this pest control calculator and it will give you a good idea of how much your pest control services will cost, at this time you can speak with a live operator.


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